GPS Antenna Receiver Repeater

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  • Forward GPS signal from outdoor to indoor
  • Outdoor antenna length 5 meters
  • Indoor antenna length 1.5 meters

Product Description

This kits is composed of outdoor(receiver) unit and indoor(transmitter) unit, is mainly used to receive the outside GPS satellite signal into the car and make the equipment work for ample of GPS signal. Its made up of reception antenna out of the car and the transmitting antenna in the car.

* Frequency: 1575.42MHz
* Gain: 25-28 dB
* Noise: <=2dB
* Attenuation: 7dB±20MHz
* Transmitting Frequency: 1575.42MHz
* Transmitting Gain: 11-14dB
* Emission Inhibition: 10 dB+/-20MHz
* Antenna/Repeater Power Supply: DC 3-5V
* Working Temperature: (-45C)-(+85C)
* Storage Temperature: (-50)-(+90C)
* Humidity: 100%
* Outdoor Antenna: 47*39*14(mm), length 5meters
* Indoor Antenna: 50*39*15(mm), length 1.5meters
* Effect area: about 2 square meter

* 1xOutdoor Antenna
* 1xIndoor Antenna
* 1xAC adapter, Default US plug, if you need other version, please give me a message.
* 1xCigarette lighter adapter

* Place the outdoor unit on the top of car
* Connect outdoor unit and indoor unit
* Plug indoor antenna USB into USB power Adapter. After that, the GPS receiver will operate normally when its power is open.

Note: Do not to put the R and T antenna close together and 3 meter is necessary between them without hinder
***Car power adapter shape may be different in different Lots***

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